It Started 4 years ago

It Started 4 years ago

Hi to anyone reading my blog and let me start by saying, if your here because you are suffering the dreaded migraines, then, I feel for you, I really do, having been suffering for a little over 4 years and still have no answers or way forward, I feel at the end of my tether … Continue reading

Where i currently am

Well to start with, I can say that the DHE procedure, did help, a little. I say a little because whilst in hospital, my migraines had dropped from a 7-9 to a 4-5 I think it was, which is quite a dramatic drop for me. It’s been a very long time since the pain has … Continue reading

Day 4 DHE and last day

As i mentioned in day 3, my alarm woke me and my fiance had rung me to wake me up ………….. the note i left on top of the IV machine is still there and i sit and wait incase i have to tell them no again …… luckily i don’t see them though ……… … Continue reading

Day 3 DHE

Another terrible night, I’m so tired … It’s Thursday, today I will explain, just how horrendous it turned out to be! So I see the doctor and explain that I really cannot be stuck in my bed for 24 hours again, she asks why and I try to explain that I need to be able … Continue reading

Day 2, DHE

As I already suffer from anxiety and depression (my fiancĂ© says I’m agoraphobic) I’m finding being in hospital and around people too hard. Have tried to explain to the nurse and doctors, but they don’t seem to be getting it. Seem to keep saying how I’ve done well coming off co codamol and should be … Continue reading

Day one, DHE

Today will be my first full day in hospital and hopefully the ward staff will be told my treatment, as yet they have no clue, not the best start, but am hoping it’ll get sorted today Didn’t have the best of sleep, kept waking up and was cold! Better to be cold than hot, except … Continue reading

Hospital arrival part 2

Oh My God No one here knows what I’m in for how bad is that!!! The nurse who did all the paperwork, I had to tell her. Then the neurologist who came to get back ground (although they have it) she didn’t know, so I told her, she went to speak to registrar and HE … Continue reading

Hospital arrival

Arrived about an hour ago and have had my blood pressure etc taken My bed is right next to the toilet, which isn’t a bad thing, although not the best of wards to be on, noisey machines my already painful head is getting worse Not sure if they will be starting any treatment today, I … Continue reading

Wow… Shock, horror

After no contact, no appointments, no beds etc, I have finally got a bed to go have the DHE, am being admitted today. Am scared, anxious, worried and all that, but at least it’ll be a start to get treatment! Was expecting a no bed call to be honest Will post daily updates on what … Continue reading

And……….. Still waiting

So, DHE … Last month i was let down because of lack of beds at Royal Free London , which kept being rolled over each day, it was then re-booked because of the bank holiday weekend, the new admission date I was given then had to be cancelled, due to experiencing dry socket from a … Continue reading

Rewinding the D day post

Fed up….. cross, although not sure who deserves the anger, me or life and just generally down flipping hearted!!!! I am NOT going into hospital today for the DHE. The hospital called and said that my specialist has advised to withdraw from the treatment until the dental pain has gone. So they were obviously not … Continue reading